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4 days before, i have created a new page for travel fair promotions in Singapore with Quality content and Images..

Page title: Natas Travel Fair 2013 February

I just done sharing my newly created page to SMO websites. The next day, i have positioned at 1st page and 4th position.. (website:

Proper Optimization: Header Tags, URL Structure, Page Title, Image Alt tags..

Any Comments!!! Welcome...

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    Is it a competitive term? If not, this happens for me too with words that aren't highly competitive
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    Hi friend in my opinion that's keyword no any competition and this keyword is fresh may be and also this keyword is long tail keyword so that's why your site is first page...
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    sorry to burst your bubble but i dont see u anywhere in the first 3 pages
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    that depend about the country.. i mean the result... we have several pages PR4, PR3 but that show in first page for exemple for India, Asia Countries and some Europe countries...
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    May I ask what search engine you are using?

    Secondly, and way more important - are you getting traffic and making sales? There are times when Google #4 is good enough to make a living in a tightly fought arena. If you are making money on that site, or at least getting signups to your email list - that is the arbiter here.

    Not me, and not you. Your target audience. The ones that want to go to Singapore, and don't just phone Cathay Pacific at Amsterdam Airport to make a booking. Because if you are, well done. If not, then tell us when you do and we'll pop some corks with you. Okay?
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    You'll see a different ranking if you clear your browser cache.
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