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Hi There,
My site on SEOMoz is showing that we have an advantage over our competitors, but we are no where in the rankings on Google. We are ranking on Yahoo and Bing, but can literally be found nowhere on Google. I have attached a screenshot of what SEOMoz shows.

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    Try doing a "" in Google and see what the results are.

    Try also doing a Google Serp Checker and check several of your keywords. Depending on the strategy you used to get backlinks, Google might have unindexed your website.

    I had a similar problem to yours where I was ranking well for about 10 keywords for about a month in my niche, and within a day my traffic was 0 from Google. I could never quite put my finger on why it happened but I just kept creating content and using White Hat SEO methods to rank again.
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    You must employ the white Hat SEO techniques such as writing unique and fresh articles, social bookmarking, article marketing, blogging, blog commenting, guest posting, yahoo answers, forum posting, video creation and use of social media.

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    Domains don't rank, pages do. You might have "better" domain stats according to SEOMoz but there lies the issue with SEOMoz domain stats. They have some relevance but you've got to be looking at what you're doing specifically to rank your keywords versus what other sites are doing to rank those same key words.

    So I'd suggest looking into page and keyword specific stats and competition numbers and post those back here.
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    I am only using white hat seo strategies for link building. We have a content writer that writes rest content everyday. I've been using the same strategy on this site as some other sites that I've made and those sites are ranking on first page
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    SEOMoz is no surefire..

    That shouldn't be the sole criteria you use to ascertain your
    ranking otherwise you will be disappointed. Don't get me
    wrong, am not saying the tool is not good.
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    Social signal has the highest correlation with Google ranking according to a recent searchmetrics research. Backlink is still the most important ranking factor for Bing. Bing has been always 2 years behind Google. SEOMoz data isn't sufficient to analyze the ranking results.

    It's very likely that the sites you got links from don't have solid social counts and your site doesn't have a natural link portfolio. Sometimes, just a few strong and natural links will make a huge difference.
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      I think you should check your domain stats in google webmaster tools . Secondly you may have tons of links , but if they are from site which has pr 0 then all are useless for google .
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    Most of my backlinks are done on PR 2-4 sites. I have no crawl errors with webmaster tools, and my link profile is pretty diverse.
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      Originally Posted by calvine90 View Post

      Most of my backlinks are done on PR 2-4 sites. I have no crawl errors with webmaster tools, and my link profile is pretty diverse.
      You definitely have a great edge over your competitors. Try to get more natural links...
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    One of my site gets top score in all SEO site including the SEOMoz but gets only 10% of the traffic of some of the other sites.

    Reason: link building was outsourced and now it has thousands of additional links compared to my regular sites. I have given up on the site as I don't have the time to ferret out what links got it into the dog house. The site was PR3 before this SEO firm started their magic, it went to PR2 and in recent update is PR0 and yet SEOMoz is thumbs up.
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    Simple. First check that Google recognizes your site. The easiest way is to create an article with a very distinct title - something that's very unlikely to be used anywhere else. Publish it, then either wait for it to be indexed or speed things up by a combination of pinging and linking it to one or two MAJOR resources (e.g. your Facebook, Twitter or Digg, etc).

    Then check that the page is indexed - simply copy/paste its URL into Google Search. If it's indexed, it will come up.

    And now - type that slightly unusual title of your article - that's your keyword.

    You should come up as #1 - for that keyword (= the title).

    If that happens, then you KNOW that your SEO for your other pages - pages which you're trying to rank on much more competitive keywords - is not done quite right.
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    Try diversifying your links and traffic sources. Include marketing campaigns for social media, relevant niche guest blogging, affiliate marketing, and Paid for Press Releases.

    Incorporating all of these internet marketing tactics will greatly increase traffic
    Need high quality SEO services at the best price for your small business? Call today for a free SEO or Web Design quote!
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    Are you a Wordpress website. If you are you need to look at your SEO that you are using to try to get better ranking. If you want first page ranking for Google you need to get On-Page SEO and you can get your review on my website Ultimate Traffic Market Tips and we can help you.
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    How To Achieve High Rankings With Google

    Hello calvine90,

    Getting to the top with Google always takes effort.

    The goal for Google is to ensure that it is always delivering results that everyone finds significant for what was searched for. If they don't keep doing this then they will not be #1 much longer.

    In the last 2 years Google has increased the importance of usability such as the speed of websites and sites that are producing unique content.

    Try implementing some of these measures.

    1. Google Desires Unique Content

    To get high rankings with google the content of your website has to be unique and helpful. This is more important now than ever before.

    2. The Importance of Backlinks

    Backlinks are important because it basically tells Google that other
    webpages like and use the content on your website.

    3. Precise Keywords are Essential

    Be sure your keywords are as accurate as possible for what people will search for to find you.

    4. Update Your Website Often

    Google will rank your website higher if you update it often. The more often the better as Google will recognize it as a valuable source of the latest information for your keywords.

    These should change things for you with Google.
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    If you are considering "guest blogging", it will also help you on getting higher ranks on Google.

    The good thing about this is, your blogs gets link to your website and uploaded on a already established blogsite. The links from these established blogsites brings more weight on Search Engines, especially on Google because they are harder to get.
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