Adsense goes down as visitors from mobile/tablets devices increase?

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I couldn't put my finger on why I have been seeing decreased CTR on my main site over the last few months, but it could very well be because I am now getting a large chunk of my visitors from mobile devices.

I thought I was getting under 30% from such devices until I noticed today that that over the last 3 months 32% of my visitors used Safari which I am guessing mostly the iPad (some of course will likely be the iMac or iBook) and a further 15% from Android users. This probably means around 35 to 40% now come from mobile devices.

I do get the feeling people click less on ads when browsing on a tablet or a mobile than they would on a desktop/laptop. Do you agree with this statement?

By the way, my site runs the same way on tablet as it does on a standard computer. I don't run a mobile site and both my ads are in the main content section so its viewable on a mobile and tablet.
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