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Hey Guys,

Hope you all are too...

Well, actually I was reviewing my SEO strategies and wanted your help in building me a better Internet Marketer ! So staying to the point, let us start the class. ( I am the student, your opinions are more than welcomed ).

Here is what I have worked on ( atleast this is what I remember at the moment ) :

1. Intensive Keyword Research and selection according to the niche. The title and description should contain the catchy phrases that helps index faster and favourites you.

2. A wonderful Website Design and structure with a sitemap.The Site should be dynamic and should be regularly updated. Google loves updates.! ( panda update )

3. On-Page SEO so that your site actually makes sense and lives a life. Your pics and videos sould be optimized and unique and updated from trusted sources like flickr, youtube e.t.c. ( this acts as an vote ) .

4. Rich and Unique content that actually explains the product or service in a way that the user enjoys it. That content should contain Hypertext( anchor words ) that represents your keywords and links to different parts of your page so that the user KEEPS BROWSING !

5. All those articles on your site should be shared to respective social networks but specially Google+ for google indexing. BackLink your site and for every +1 you get ( remember you can buy +1's too ) it would be treated as a vote for the PR. On youtube, Create to the point but brilliant videos regarding the niche and add your keywords and Backlink it. And yes, dont forget to comment on every video you see since it acts like a backlink. That works amazing too ! the same works for facebook pages...!

6.Now whats left is Quality Link building. I assume you guys know all the guest posting, blogging, article submissions, web 2.0 submisions, forum posts, blog comments and other ways to do that. You can even make use of paid traffic, but thats for those who work on ads.....but other sources like has a different ideology for paid can use many of these sources for different pages for your website so that it seems that traffic has been derived from different sources and the search you a credit for deriving human traffic ( one of panda's updates ).

There are many other methods too out there...but I forgot to jot them down....I would really really appreciate from each and single of you guys to help me out if I am missing something and share your valuable experience with me - your opinions will be my lunch for today. Though I have been doing pretty incredibly well over the months, the japanese inspire me always....ALWAYS KEEP IMPROVING.

Thanks in Advance !
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    any opinion guys..? thankew....
    Baby do You Like being Sold ? Cuz I like selling you.
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      Nothing new here. Pretty much SEO 101. Now how much of this have you actually implemented on your own website?
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    Another social myth..
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    Originally Posted by metagk90 View Post

    Google loves updates.! ( panda update )
    my favorite part!

    Keep learning, keep lurking and don't lose that enthusiasm, you'll need it when time's get tough. We should never stop learning in this business.
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      High quality guest posts on relevant, contextual sites with high PR's is really safe way to go in 2013. You get a high quality, google-friendly backlink, pre-qualified eyes on your link, the opportunity to build credibility and pre-sell, and the potential for your content to be shared and syndicated further.

      Hope this helps.
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    it's really basic seo technique
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