Local Business - How Many Visitors A Day To Get 1 lead / Day?

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For one of my new sites, I'm getting between 70-100 visitors a day, and most of it should be fairly targeted traffic. This is not from organic SEO but mostly youtube and local search.

My question is, should that be converting to around 1 lead a day?

Because that 1 website tends to generate 2-3 leads a week, and I feel like it should be getting around 6-7.

I've decided to make a few changes to the site (like our video thats right under our form + getting more reviews on/off the site) but what are some other things I can do to increase conversions?

What is the idea behind conversion optimization?

Should I just make incremental changes to the site every few days and see what works best?

I feel like my conversions suck and I'm not sure if this is typical or not.
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    You should NOT make big changes so often (this will confuse Google robot). You should try to work ON-page SEO (different title's and desc's for each page). Also off-page. 70-100 people per day is a fairly good amount for a new website (you can increase them by getting some high PR backlinks and why not choosing some extra keywords!)

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    It's been a while since I did it, but why not split test two different landing pages? You build two pages, you have it so that some visitors land on one, and some visitors land on others. Once you have about a thousand visitors between the two you should be able to see which ones convert best.

    I know I did it within Google analytics, but as I say it was a while ago now. I bet there is a Youtube video on it though.

    Saying that, you need to have Google analytics installed.


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    Big question: do you have an autoresponder series? If not, set one up. If you do, well done!

    Conversion optimization is not that hard, your emphasis will be different though. You aren't looking just for traffic, you're looking for the end result. Which, to be frank, is the proper way to optimize anyway. Who wants to optimize for the number of visitors - or optimize for the number of paying customers who walk through your doors?

    If the website is only getting 2-3 leads a week, perhaps that is the number of people who are really interested. More importantly if one lead a week gives rise to a customer who returns once a month for years, that is the equivalent of one lead a month on top of all the other leads you generate. (If you see what I mean).

    What other emotional triggers can you use to entice customers? Because the offer (and any guarantee you may have) are the big deals here - not the color of your website. Getting them interested and keeping them interested is the key to conversions (or not!). Do remember to find out the character of the people who **don't** like what you have on offer. After all, knowing this can save you a lot of hassle (= reduces bounce rate).
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