Google Adsense Sucks, Any Ideas for Alternatives?

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Adsense was a good way to get a few clicks, back in the day. Some of you might have made a small fortune from it way back when, but since they bought doubleclick, it seems all the ads they present are related more to your my recent searches then what I want my searchers to see.

I mean, It's cool that if I go to a weather site I see my latest Amazon searches or something I researched about HVAC, but...

If my potential customers go to a site about tax accountants and get ads about an HVAC system they were researching earlier, that kind of defeats the purpose of having googles ads on your site!

I know a couple of tricks that used to work to get relevant ads on my site, but if i have a restaurant site, i want my viewers to see food ads!

Anyone else having this problem?

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    If you are set on trying some Adsense alternatives you could try the following:


    Hope this helps.
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    Nothing can replace Adsense, its still the best CPC network.
    However, you can try some CPA network, ClickBank for example, or CPM networks like CPX Interactive.
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    I just started with Adsense on one site to see if I could actually make a profitable Adsense site. So far I'm content with results.

    In my mind, I'm sure Google has tested ad displays and implement most profitable ad tactics. I doubt I'll go elsewhere and let Google do their thing. But Adsense is not my main revenue stream ... I'm really just experimenting to see if I can build a profitable Adsense site.
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      Steve---when YOU are looking on YOUR computer, Google will serve ads related to YOUR searches.
      When someone else looks on THEIR computer, Google serves up ads related to THEIR searches.
      You won't be seeing the same ads they see when you are looking at your website.
      When they are reading your content, the ads served will be related to their past searches.
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    Originally Posted by Ouroboros View Post

    If my potential customers go to a site about tax accountants and get ads about an HVAC system they were researching earlier, that kind of defeats the purpose of having googles ads on your site!

    Go to your Adsense account. Then to Allow & Block Ads, Then to Advanced Setings. There you will disable Interest-Based-Ads-Preference and Third-Party-Ads-Preference. This will help the Adsense ads match your content better.
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    Try selling products on your site and being an affiliate of amazon. Yeah, I do not like sad sense. Well sad fright is even worse. That one is a FRIGHT mare.

    Selling products is better than dealing with sad sense. They have a lot of rules such as no pictures near ads and so on. Best solution is to create your own product such as an e-book and sell it on your own web pages.
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    If the type of ads that display on your site is your problem then you have no issue at all because there isn't much you can do.

    Ad sense automatically try to detect what your site is all about and display relevant ads.

    These is done by bot and not human and it uses the content, title e.t.c of your site to match
    what to show.. You can't do much about this...

    However, if you pick a good niche you won't have troubles banking good money too.
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    You are seeing personalised ads. When someone comes to your site they will be seeing ads different to ones that you see on your computer. No need to worry about this.
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    You must be doing something wrong (pages not optimized) If your getting mostly personalized Ads.

    Here's the Adsense stats for one of my sites over the last 365 days:
    • 84% Contextual Ads
    • 9% Interest based Ads
    • 7% Placement Ads

    As you can see, 9% of interest based Ads is no big deal.
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    if Google Adsense sucks, then the rest do. You can put in your ad spaces your affiliate banners or you can decide to sell your ad spaces to interested individuals or companies
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    The best alternative of Adsense is adbite. No one other than Adbrite pays higher after adsense so far I know.
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    So, finally someone get depressed by them and joined my community, It's a mind freaking thing that Google Double Click ads are worthless (Not Relevance At All), They are showing Flippa bidding on some of my websites.
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