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Some of my major (15+ year old sites) survived the Panda update from earlier last you but were negatively effective. Instead of panicking, we've sort of just sat tight. We did realize some of the more negatively hit keywords were do to some outsourced link building we did and the company removed the links and we saw some rebound but not. Granted we are talking keywords that were 2,3,4 going to 11,12,13 and now they are at 5,6,7.

We are trying to strategize where best to invest SEO resources from this point out with a limited budget of time/money. Questions remain in our head like...

Do we need to do a comprehensive evaluation of inbound links and consider using the disavow tool? So far from what I've read it has not made much of a difference?

Is On-Page optimization "virtually" (not completely) dead since it the aspect of the algo that is the most easily manipulated? We have lots of pages of products so pages are coming and going on level 3 below. But our home page and department home pages have had not had significant updates in a few years. Does Google see this as stagnation and lower your rank?

Is link building also "virtually" dead due to further refinements of Panda and so only manual, careful, "real" link building works versus using reputable link building services?

The whole "build good, compelling content" is not an issue with us.

Has important of social signals grown in the past 5 months so now Facebook and Google + activity is carrying more weight?

Essentially, what seems to be the best bang for the buck for SEO these days?
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    1: stay away from disavow tool, waste of time.

    2: how can on page optimization be dead? it's not, simply don't "over optimize". Main keyword in the first and last sentence and 1 more in the middle of the article somewhere is all you really need. Just be smart.

    some of my sites are killing the competition with almost nothing but onpage SEO alone...

    3: Link building is not dead and won't be dead for the foreseeable future, don't let people scare you.

    if you are not ranking... drop the niche and site and do BETTER keyword research

    everything is about niche selection and keyword research. spend 5 days on keyword research and studying your competition and niche if necessary

    no magic new recipes for 2013 and any of that.. :p
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