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Hello friends, I have AdsVADS-free online advertising . The major problem is that I am not getting traffic on this site. My site has PR1.I am getting that is about 30 visitors and ~ 100 impressions a day. Please help me with tips that would give me more traffic in long run.

NOTE: The stats that I have mentioned are from adsense & impressions.
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    Include your site on this list: 749 Free Classified Ad Sites List | Stephan Miller | Kansas City SEO - Web Developer

    All you need is lots of ad post. You can generate traffic from these ad posting.
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    If you are getting 30 visitors per day, there is no REASON for people to post on your website. My tip would be to post several hundred ads (your own or your friends) and this will show other people that your website is good to post their ads! The traffic would come itself

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    • The competition in the Classified ads market is tremendous.

      And the time needed to create and maintain a professional ads site is a lot. Taking a quick look at yours, it is nothing to write home about. A lot of scam / fraud ads also.

      Very-very hobby site.
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    What is the script? is it a premade script or it's your own work?
    If it is a premade-template, then your chances of winning narrows, but again do your best.
    If it is a unique code, then potentials are quite a bit.
    Couple SEO advice:
    • Your www and none www version of site works, only one should work
    • Your URLs work when I added a forward slash to the end of URL, they shouldn't work, or they should 301 to the right version.
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    Friends waiting for many more tips and guidance
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      Originally Posted by onkar View Post

      Friends waiting for many more tips and guidance
      The tips we gave you are so important that should be fixed before other tips comes in. We can go ahead and tell you about mod_pagespeed, Facebook Open Graph, structured data and a lot more. But, you first should have the basics.
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        Originally Posted by freeadstime View Post

        But, you first should have the basics.
        Please can you elaborate it ?
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    The best way to get more traffic is to perform offsite activities on daily basis and cross the website for onsite changes and implement the changes on regular basis to look out for increase in rankings that leds to traffic increase.
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    I am getting about 200-300 impressions per day. Please guide me to boost the impressions to about 1000 per day atleast.
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    You need to show your visitors that your site is getting daily ads. People dont want to waste time in posting on sites that get lesser traffic.
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    Here's one tip for you..

    Create a widget that displays the users ads and get webmasters to integrate it into their websites. You will get quality backlinks, users will get their ads seen and your site will receive more Google love. If you can't get it for free, pay for it.

    Your website looks like a ghost town though...

    You may want to spend some money on Facebook advertising to get people on your site and post their ads. Once they do, ask them to share their ad on social networks for more exposure for their ad.

    Offer something that the other classifieds sites don't have. Just being a cheap clone of a successful website will not cut it in most cases.

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    friends site has been revamped, please see through it and provide your inputs
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    Your site needs more SEO and promotional work, so that it would have high ranking in Google SERP.

    Try to take help of webmaster forum, it would really help you a lot..
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    I am also working for classified site and i need to target Australia, can any suggest me the strategy to promote this...
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    The best way to get more traffic for your website through smo activities like stumbleupon, facebook, twitters etc.
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