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I see Google adwords can reach a lot of customers in my niche. But unfortunately Google is not allowing my squeeze page. Can anyone show me an example page where i can attract my customers and make it acceptable for Google adwords TOS.

Will be waiting for your replies.

Thanks in advance.
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    What is your niche?

    Each niche needs different approach/ technique for the Adwords.
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    I can see you are already familiar with Google TOS.
    You're probably familiar with Google Panda and the entire "user experience" aspect of it.
    It doesn't matter how much I pound this into my customers heads I end up doing the work for
    them and do the conversion optimization. If you cannot afford someone to run a CRO A/B campaign,
    my suggestion is to try to find out what your competitors are doing.

    Good luck bud.
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    I am on health niche, can anyone show me an example page please...i don't see any competitors in my niche doing list building with adwords. But if you guys can show me some example squeeze page that is acceptable with Google TOS, i will be glad for your help.

    Btw, jason...

    My page is keep getting disproved with adsense, without getting accepted how can i run an A/B campaign. Firstly i am looking for an ideal squeeze to comply with adwords.

    Will be waiting for your replies.
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      Originally Posted by nocturnal911 View Post

      I am on health niche...
      There's your real answer. Pity nobody else wants (or reads, or knows)
      to give it.

      Health niche and average joe. Adwords? Forget it.

      Even just asking about squeeze page with health product, is a sure
      tip off that you seriously need to forget adwords.


      If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    But as i heard google will periodically checks the landing pages, if they found out i am violating their TOS, then my account will get banned.
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      If you persist trying to use a 'squeeze page' as your Adwords landing page, Google will ban your Adwords account without warning.

      I know because it's happened to me.

      The cruel part was that the first time I put my page up, the Google reviewers rejected the design, and specified way to fix it.

      When I made the fixes they wanted, and re-submitted the page for approval, they rejected it again, specifying additional changes that had to be made.

      This went on for 2 months, back and forth, with them specifying the changes I must make, and then rejecting the page each time I made the changes THEY asked for.

      It's almost as though they enjoyed toying with me...

      In the end, even though I'd made the changes THEY asked for, they ended up banning the page, and my Adwords account.

      A bas_ _ _ d act in my book !
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    Originally Posted by khooster1 View Post

    It is pretty difficult to use a simple squeeze page.
    There is a need to have content on the squeeze page itself.
    My suggestion is to create a blog with a high-conversion pop up page.
    When Google approve the page, you can then change to your preferred squeeze page again.

    This will work fine for you.
    Sorry, you're not safe doing that.

    You' re never safe because they are constantly reviewing pages.
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    Originally Posted by nocturnal911 View Post

    Best Squeeze page to be used in adwords
    There isn't a "best" squeeze page to be used with AdWords, because squeeze pages are not allowed, with AdWords. You'll probably be allowed to use almost any content-rich page with an opt-in, on a content-rich site, but no kind of squeeze page at all.

    It really is as simple as that.

    By the way, threads about PPC advertising (like AdWords) belong in this section:
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    Studiopress has a theme called "generate" that is an example of the kind of squeeze page/ content combo design that works for adwords depending on the niche. You need to have lots of content on the page though. It cannot be all squeeze and no content. And it still may not be approved for all niches.
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    Thanks for your replies, and alexa smith can you show me some example so that i can ask my coder to make a design like that.

    And Michelle, thanks for suggesting that, i will definitely try that one...
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    You mean, i should not go for adwords if i am on health niche, then which niches should i consider using adwords on it?
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      Its better to not go with the Squeeze pages, first focus on creating a website with some good content related to your niche and then use this website pages to attract the customers via Adwords.
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    I've had a lot of trouble with this, it's hard to please google, I have moved to yahoo / bing

    I just emailed google for a link from their homepage... waiting to hear back

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