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And one of my site suddenly dropped, In the beginning stage it was not ranked and there were no back-links. Did On page & After seo it came in 2nd and 3rd pages when google searches within 3 weeks. After a week it has gone back i didnt understand what is the reason. If you any suggestion reply me.

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    It might be Google dance if your luck is good enough and it might roll back. If its some kind of penalty, then you need to forget the website and move on
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    It's called Google Dance and it's completely normal to happen for any website.
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    Dear thinesh,

    If you have done natural SEO then dont worry.
    Since your site is newly optimized, it will take time for your rankings to stabilize.

    Few more months you will keep experiencing this fluctuation.

    This happens since google seeks fresh content, new site are fresh and google may consider those new pages for few days on top pages, then it will be again somewhere on the 9-10 page..

    So, Keep building links natural way, things will improve!

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    As it is fairly new website, if you have over optimized then be careful that would be reason why you are penalized, if your offsite activity does not have quality back links then it is also one of the major problem so for this reason please ensure to cross check the same.
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    Google algo update or google dance(spam backlinks) these 2 may cause your website to drop in ranking.
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  • It's most likely the google dance. Usually when you build new backlinks to a website you will get the "google dance" Basically its googles way of figuring out where to put your website. Hopefully you will come back and further advance your rankings. If worse comes to worse hopefully your ranking will return :/
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    Thanks for your reply.
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      Originally Posted by thinesh View Post

      Thanks for your reply.
      You do not need to put efforts to type and say thanks... Please push thanks button to keep us motivated
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    It Is May Due To Google Dance. If You Have Build Quality Of Links And SEO Techniques As Per The Defined Rules Of Search Engine Like Google, Then It Will Recover In Few Days.
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    There are some factors that may cause a website’s rank to decrease in the SERP including low quality and duplicate content and overoptimized keywords. It could also be that when you started to create backlinks, Google has started to re-examine your site or the competition might have outranked you because they’ve been busy creating links from authority sites. Just continue on putting high quality content to your site and update frequently. Build links slowly and keep building to maintain link velocity.
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    There are many reasons to drop ranking. You can check five the following reason to recover:
    1. lose the fresh content bonus
    2. internet link structure changes
    3. link structures on sites that are linking to your changes
    4. duplicate content
    5. site become stale
    If other members get any additional reasons that you've seen ranking drop, let help people by leaving them via this forum.
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    May be due to black hat SEO techniques , you got penalty. Did you buy any backlinks ?or bought spam traffic , if you never did anything wrong then I am sure that your ranking will be back as previous level.

    Must Visit A ColorFul Website ,

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      Originally Posted by nadeemajeedch View Post

      ... if you never did anything wrong then I am sure that your ranking will be back as previous level.
      Unless it's a low quality site.
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    keep your site fresh and keep building relevant backlinks should be ok. Inbox me if you want some more help, we'll get you back up there no problem.

    Fantastically affordable and reliable SEO & SM Services all from Blue Frog:
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    There are ups and downs in the ranking. It's not a problem. You should keep building proper links and you rankings will be up in a time.
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    Sudden Drop In Rankings

    Hello Thinesh,

    Yes, this drop can come as a surprise if your not aware of this situation.

    The "Google Dance" is the period that a major index update of the Google search engine are being executed. This Google index update happens on average every 36 days or 10 times per year.

    Also creating new backlinks or having duplicate content on your site can cause rankings to change.

    Good luck.
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      Originally Posted by Joelle Hoban View Post

      This Google index update happens on average every 36 days or 10 times per year.
      Where did you get this info?
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    The reason behind this Google dance sometimes Google will check the quality of the back links or also see the back links from niche sites.If your back links from niche website then don't worry,you get your ranking.
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  • You are experiencing Google dance. Do not be bothered by it. Just continue building quality links. As long as you are doing only white hat, you will soon get good rankings.
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    Sometimes Google cannot access your site because of a server error or any problem on your end, and you weren't able to fix it immediately. This can be one of the cause why your ranking drops, so you should always keep an eye on your server.
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