How To Make Money Online And Save Time. 7 Easy steps (stage 1)

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Ok, this system works and it's quick.

1) Forget about ranking on Bing, Yahoo and all the other crappy search engines that nobody uses except for a bunch of weirdos who won't buy your product anyway.

2) Stop wasting hours posting on Facebook, getting bogus likes, Tweeting and rewteeting rubbish that no one really wants to read.

3) Stop doing all the automated blog spamming that most people with a decent blog will either just trash when they get it, or if you're lucky enough to get it through they'll trash anyway.

4) Stop mailing out rubbish to lists of people who delete your worthless emails before they read them, usually from their junk email folder anyway, and one day if they can be bothered just eventually unsubscribe.

5) Find a good product or create your own

6) Build an half decent website to sell the product

7) Drive people to your sales page using Google Adwords scaling up your budget as your sales increase.

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