I lost my site's sharpness and now not ranking good as previous

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My URL is: http://onlineindiaeducation.com

I have changed theme before 1 month and during that process, i made a big mistake that was i have added (<META NAME="ROBOTS" CONTENT="NOINDEX, NOFOLLOW">) just for 4 days, suddenly all ranking and traffic go down and almost pages de-indexed, after that i have updated (<META NAME="ROBOTS" CONTENT="INDEX, FOLLOW">) and ping my site.

Within 7 days site ranking almost recover but lost sharpness of my site mean before this mistake when i publish a new post then it took only 10 sec. to index in fact good ranking (top of the 1st page for a keyword)

but now it takes to long time to index, in fact after index not rank good as well as previous.

Is there any solution, by which i can retain my site's sharpness.

Your response will be appreciated.
Thanking You!
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    What do you mean by sharpness?
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      Originally Posted by nest28 View Post

      What do you mean by sharpness?
      I guess by "sharpness" he/she means "edge"... I think!? or perhpas he/she means the authority statues it once had.

      The fact that he used to get his posts indexed and ranked pretty quickly, but not anymore. So, his site lost the edge (I guess?) it once had. At least thats what I understood from his post.

      To the OP, if you keep adding content often, the boats will learn again to check your site more often and you will get your stuff indexed faster.

      As far as ranking goes, it could be that the new keywords/posts you are targeting are just a bit harder to rank for perhaps. But without knowing your keywords and competition its hard to say.

      Good luck.
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        he edited the original post

        used to just ask how to regain his sharpness. the post makes much more sense now, so ty op
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    Use a pointier font

    No but seriously, we have no idea what you are asking here.
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    Continue adding content regulary and ensure you do not block the bots again! This will help increase your crawl rate... speed of indexing should also increase!
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    I started to add content on regular basis and also quality backlinks.
    Thanking You to everyone !
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    Google loves regularly updating sites even when times we add noindex tag. It can be recovered.

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    Of course, if you are updating your site with fresh content, you would see good result very soon.

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