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Hi guys!
I recently got taken on by a client to SEO their site, my FIRST freelance project. The site at the moment is roughly 30 pages in total, a small local firm. The site is in pretty bad shape though. How long roughly would you guys say it should take to SEO their entire site before adding in any more pages etc... I know, I know every site differs, but a rough estimate would be great!

Obviously I dont want the client to think its only going to take short amount of time.

Thanks guys!
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    Firstly I would say that you should probably have an idea of how long your services take to perform before selling them to somebody.

    Secondly, to answer your question, it depends on their content, how the website is structured, if I have full access to their web server, and how much work they want me to do with the SEO (just change keywords, or edit all of the page content to be more keyword-friendly). It would also matter if they expect me to find them profitable keywords or if they have already chosen the keywords they want to rank for.

    On the shortest, most basic SEO end: I could probably edit 30 pages for decent SEO in a day.

    On the longer end, maybe a few days to a week, if they wanted me to write all new content in place of their older less SEO friendly content.
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    What you mean by in really bad shape? Are contents not that good ? Or is there some problem with linking structure? First find out these on-page seo problems, then make it perfect and then start off-page SEO.
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    it would really depend on how competitive the keywords are which you are trying to rank for

    I just emailed google for a link from their homepage... waiting to hear back

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    As it had now 30 pages, you may consider putting more content so that you can update the site with fresh content. As content plays very important role in SEO today.

    three great FREE tools -, and

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  • a good onpage of your clients website with a good off page strategy it might take 3-4 months for a high competition keywords to rank on top 10 and if competition is low it might come up within 1-2 months.
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