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Hello! Before I start with my thread I want to say Hello to the warriorforum, after reading in here a while I decided to become a member.

I am not yet in the warroom, I don´t know if it is it worth it for me, I am mainly focused on the poker affiliate niche, so not sure if I need the upgrade to the warroom.

I recently started a new site related to a poker keyword which has ~8000 global searches and low competition.

The site is completely new, and beside that it is indexed there are not much backlinks for the site.

The least thing I want to do is overoptimize my backlink profile. I want to start small. And build more and more links over time.

So I am not sure where to start. There are a lot of offers in the marketplace that build thousands of backlinks, and I am not sure if such a huge amount of links would harm a new site like mine more then it would help.

So what I am wondering is how you would start your offpage seo. I don´t have the budget to purchase links on established poker sites, they are way too expensive, so I am limited to free links or low budget offers of upto $100 on warriorforum or external sites.

Maybe you can guide me to an offer which worked well in the past for your EMD sites with low competition or can give me a tip or two I´d really appreciate. thanks
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    My advice would be to NOT buy a SEO / backlink package. Instead focus on getting traffic from alternative sources such as video marketing (Youtube), PPC, banner ads, forum posting, blog commenting, solo ads, PPV, Q&A sites and other sources that don't rely on Google.

    SEO / Google is unpredictable at the best of times and especially so now plus. It also takes time and is not guaranteed plus can be wiped out with an algorithm update. Other traffic sources are more instant and more reliable and don't hinge on updates and changes that you can't control.
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    Foolproof SEO is like spammers with integrity.

    Neither exist.

    Focus your time on creating a site and content that people want to share and link to naturally. Also focus on driving traffic using more reliable sources such as those listed by the poster above.

    SEO is just far too unreliable these days and it will only get worse.
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    Hmmm, sounds legit. Q&A Sites are a good tip, didnt think about that yet, my niche is pretty much made for such sites.

    Thing is, I got another bigger site on which I Work with youtube etc. and its working fine for this site. But I didn´t plan to spend a huge effort on this site. Instead I would like to get her ranking for its exact match and maybe a few longtails related to this keyword and thats it.

    Onpage my site is optimized well , I got a sitemap, some good and unique content and got my meta descriptions/titles optimized so I am now looking for a way to get google loving me, even knowing that google is a bitch nowadays^^
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    you can't trust google these days, as what i have seen so far. Google keeps changing its search algorithm and its very time consuming when you have to do all the seo work again after these kind of updates.
    Recently i have received some huge decrease of rankings because of googles new updates. so from my experiences i guess you should focus on social media and other resources not just google!

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    I would say that do off-page work yourself if you don't have good budget and you are not sure you would be able to buy quality work or not..

    Buying links don't give much benefit these days as all are looking to get money from you, they do automated work and less quality works.....

    Buying 100 links = doing one manual/natural links yourself..

    three great FREE tools -, and

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