Can Googlebot read text on "fancy" sites?

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Im going to install this theme for my landing page. Design Crumbs | Theme: Campaign-WP

I was wondering can googlebot read the text on this site. All the text are, I guess you can say, "on" or "in" a widget. My landing page is an exact match domain. My forum and blog post urls will match the %postname%. For example ( So no dynamic urls.

I love everything about this theme especially the fact that the "Call to action" of sign up for the email list is a widget on the sidebar that will show on every page of the site. So if visitors find me via the blog, forum or homepage they will still see the call-to-action. Being that the text of this site on going to be on a widget and not on a 1000 word, keyword targeted static blog post on the home page, do you think googlebot will have a hard time reading my site if I have this theme? Thanks for any help.
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