Is Spyfu Accurate? (has anyone spyed on their own PPC campaigns?)

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I don't do PPC and I'm curious about the accuracy of Spyfu.

One of my competitors, who I know does fairly well with PPC (as far as keeping leads coming in consistently), his ad spend seems really low.

His max month this year was $692, his lowest month was $218 (last year his highest month was only $460). I know that the high majority of his leads come from PPC (cause my brother use to work for him years ago) and this guy clears 7 figures every year.

I have better SEO on my site than him (he has no SEO on his site at all) and I'd like to potentially try PPC if Spyfu is in fact accurate.

I was under the impression that I'd need a couple thousand a month to get started... but if he's able to maintain the amount of work he gets, for that amount, I'm fairly impressed.

Spyfu also tells you the top 10 keywords, and he's definitely going after all the cheaper ones, which makes sense.

I really have to know though, can someone Spy on themselves and tell me how accurate Spyfu is?

I have local search going on, youtube, craigslist, and keywords are gaining rank in organic serps. I think if I get PPC locked down before May comes (thats when our busy season starts) I might be able to have a better year than my brothers former boss.

Which would be huge because we both know him, hate him, and have always had a little competition going on with him.


Thanks! - Red
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