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Hi guys, I sent my friend a website of mine to see if the ads worked and stuff, he lives in another country and i sent it to him and he told me the ads worked and he clicked a couple ads, and i asked him why he did that and he said cause it gives me money he knew that from research online and then i got pissed as hell because i know google bans you for that stuff? can they ban me if he clicked ads he was in another country and stuff but idk i dont want ot get banned.
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    You should be okay. I always make a point of telling people I know not to click on my ads before I show them any site.

    But even despite that I have one friends mom who clickbombs my site regularly thinking she is doing me a favour...I think adsense just stopped counting her clicks though. I never received a warning, or ban.


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    Alright thanks, I'd be good with a warning I hope
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