Why Do Barely Any Small Business Sites Do Google Authorship???

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I've often wondered about this. There has to be something bad about google authorship that I'm missing.

For instance, in my niche, not one person has google authorship where their image displays. In various other niches I target, I only know of 1 site that has their image display by their website.

Yet if you go to the google authorship page, apparently the criteria is really simple -

1) You need a google+ profile
2) Recognizable headshot
3) A "byline" on all your content (not sure if this is just text or code or what)
4) Verify you have an email on the same domain as your content
5) You go to the page and tediously enter your email address

Soooooooo, if the process is ACTUALLY THAT SIMPLE, then why in gods name do so few people do it?

It seems like people do it more in super competitive niches.

But in so many local niches, I rarely see it at all.


I have to be missing something?

I'm sure of it.

Otherwise the whole world would do it .... no?

Thanks - Red
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    Isn't Google Authorship meant for individual people?
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      Originally Posted by yukon View Post

      Isn't Google Authorship meant for individual people?
      This is what I though also unless you have an active blog in your website.
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    Ask your local plumber why he doesn't have google authorship on his site and you'll probably get the blankest face you've seen in a very long time....they don't have a clue what it is......they're too busy running their business...
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