How come wiki how is getting away with ripping other peoples content?

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Right i was doing some research for a niche that i want to rank for.. i decided to buy a ebook guide that would tell me lots of factual information which i could then rewrite in my own words as knowing what your talking about is important obviously... when i was doing some research for the keyword and seeing comptition i noitced that the first result was a wikihow page clicked on it and it was just as though i was reading the guide again... wait exactly the same text.... So it seems wikihow who uses adsense is getting away with publishing stolen content with adsense on there pages...(i crossed checked the publishing dates and yes the ebook was made a long time before the wikihow artcle)
Anyway... might as well get wikihow deleted off google so i reported the adsense violation... no doubt nothing will be done about it considering that wikihow is a big website and bans only happen to small people....

I jsut thought seeing as my last thread was about sueing people for ripping my content i thought it was quite funny that this is happening to others who are much bigger than me.. like a well known ebook being stolen and ripped onto a big website...
(i thought id see also if they would take down the artcle.. but they just ignore me...) lol
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    The guide still could have stolen the info from Wikihow and just made up a publishing date.

    That's how a lot of eBooks that people sell are made.
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    this is from
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