Keyword research - phrase or exact match?

by abozeb
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I'm using Googles keyword tool for some keyword research, and I'm getting very low figures with the exact match. And I'm almost sure I should get a lot more than what Google shows. And I'm really confused now, it is almost a dead end. So do you use exact or phrase match?
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    exact match is the one you need.

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      Use exact...
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    Like mentioned use exact, but keep in mind it's only a gauge to see if the keyword has traffic. The searchnumbers are for the Google searchengine only. Other searchengines will send traffic as well, as will articles, facebook, twitter, youtube, etc. Do an exact match search to determine the popularity, but when analyzing the listings in the SERPs do not use quotes or it will skew the results.
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    Exact match. Also analyze the sites on the first page results for the keywords you are considering to see if it's realistic that you can compete with them.
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    Exact Match. It can get you good targeted traffic that is more likely to convert. When people search for your exact keyword without any other terms in the search and for close variations of that particular keyword, your ads can appear. With exact match, your keywords are more accurately targeted than broad or phrase match.
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    Use exact match as the previous posters have mentioned, but you should keep in mind that the search volume returned by KW Tool shows the average volume over 12 months. So, if your keyword is just beginning to trend up and/or is seasonal, you would expect to see lower numbers until the term took off for a few months.
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    Always always always always always always always always always exact match.

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      Thanks a lot!

      I have done a lot of research, and I can't figure out the right keywords. I would really appreciate if someone could give me a helping hand If you want to help me please send a PM and I will send you all the info.

      Appreciate your help folks!
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    I use both phrase match and exact match. Get the difference between the two and you'll be able to find the volume for "hidden" keywords not available to a lot of people.
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    Do not rely completely on search volume of keywords, keywords without search volume can too contribute visits. Search volume is aggregate of searches in past 12months. The keywords trending in current month will not have search volume but they will be able to contribute visits to your site.
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