Site was offline for 3 weeks...need to get my rankings back

by pbrite
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So I was hosting my site on my buddy's hosting plan b/c he has unlimited domains. I made the site as my first Amazon Affiliates. I had no idea what I was doing. But from Halloween through Christmas, I was making a few hundred per month on the site. Ranked 1st page for a LOT of keywords.
My buddy's hosting plan ended sooner than I thought. I had already started up my own hosting plan and was going to migrate sites. I called customer support and they were backlogged. Long story short, my site was offline for about 3 weeks.
Obviously I'm not ranking those keywords any more, and even the sites that are in my spot barely have the content to match which is why I was ranking in the first place., any ideas on how to climb back up? It doesn't have to be in a hurry;if i can get at least back to the first page of Google w/ white hat methods by September I'll be happy.
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    Get your own host and make sure the website is the same as it was before. Give it some time, you'll climb back up.
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      Originally Posted by Cosmit View Post

      Get your own host and make sure the website is the same as it was before. Give it some time, you'll climb back up.
      Do this, yes, and then keep adding new content at least once a week and do your own, quality linking, making sure to slowly but surely nail on site and off site SEO, which it sounds like you've already done once.

      If you just post new content every day for a few weeks it should jump back up way before september if it's the exact same site.
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        Thanks. I do have my own host now so that part is taken care of. I guess I'll have to post once a week and lure people back in. My FB page is actually getting more likes and subscribers, so I'll punch up to them and probably add some polls to the site. It's oriented around a popular movie franchise that is a big hit and has 3 more movies coming, so there are some pretty dedicated fans out there. I'll troll the forums to get more coming.

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    Hello Pbrite,

    It can be frustrating to rank so high with Google only to lose that and have to start over again.

    1. Keep adding new content as often as once a week.

    2. Also make linking one of your priorities.

    3. Be vigilant and keep doing all the things again that gave you good rankings with Google before your site was down.

    If you have not violated any of the rules and the downtime was as a result of unforeseen errors, then you should be able to obtain same or similar rankings with Google again.

    How long this process will take with Google is unpredictable.

    Google does periodically visit your site at varying times to determine if it is gone forever.

    When your site is down for longer periods, Google will drop it from Google search results.
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    Make sure Google index your website after your website is running again. You can check the last 'cached date' of your website to confirm it has been indexed again.
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      Originally Posted by webrankingservices2000 View Post

      Give me the site and the keywords, we can do the needful
      Yeah, more like you want to learn his niche because he was making a few hundred a month. Nice try bro... not.
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