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One of my sites has 2 styles of pages:

Style one has 728x90' 160x600 and 336x280 units

Style two has 728x90 and two 336x280 units

Logged into my adsense account, and google recommends(they "ran an experiment") changing 336x280 to 300x250 on this site.

Says I should earn a little per week more?

Question is which 336x280 units are they recommending that I change - all of them? Some of them? Should I take a guess?

Thoughts anyone?
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    Change all because 300x250 is one of the standard banner sizes. I myself use 300x250 banners with Google Adwords so for sure they are giving you an overall hint and not just for a particular unit.

    Earning more must be in contact with the fact that majority of their users will be using 300x250 instead of 336x280. : )

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    You have to test of your own, which perform good and go with that!

    Is your website Hacked? Try -> www.sitebeak.com
    Is Google Analytics installed Properly? Test -> www.GAtective.com
    Impersonal Google search? Check -> www.impersonal.me

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