Why do my optimized eZine Articles get dropped from SERPs after a week?

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I have noticed all of my articles for my keywords have ranked very high in the serps for about a week then they just get dropped off from google? Any reason why?
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    It likely has to do with the fact that with article directories your articles get pushed deeper into the site as more articles get approved. So at the beginning your article has backlinks from the ezinearticles homepage. A short while later, it just has a backlink from the category page that is only a click or two from their homepage. Eventually it only has a backlink from a page several clicks into their site.

    The same kind of thing happens with blog posts and forum posts. Eventually those pages get pushed into the archives and the links count for less. The exception is when those pages are interesting enough to get some external backlinks. Then those pages have a little bit of PR of their own.
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    so I need to backlink these articles to get them back up in the serps?
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    You know what mik, I am not sure if building too many high PR backlinks is good for your articles. I recently added about 15 high PR backlinks to my 2 articles on ezinearticles.com Now they are sandboxed by Google. I hope they show up on Google again.
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