How to Rank in Highest Competition [Need Advices]

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Hello warrior I am here about a year and 3 year in SEO and learn very much from you

I need advices from you..
I am in very high competition has EMD site (com domain, 5 years old)
can you help me how can I rank in top 10 in google

can you give me advice, all tactics what will works wight and black hat..
1 have bought 40 domain in my niche and make backlinks and what next can you help me?
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    if your on-page SEO in on point, then getting really strong high PR back links is the about only real way to move your site any time soon...the tougher the competition, the more high PR back links you'll need...links arent cheap, so its not really a question of IF you can rank your site...its more of a question of can you afford to do it...
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    I recommend that you read a topic I posted today on this -
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    After proper on-page SEO,you need to give time and build links slowly, it would help of course, there is no doubt to it really.

    Is your website Hacked? Try ->
    Is Google Analytics installed Properly? Test ->
    Impersonal Google search? Check ->

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    First of all you work on on-page like page speed, meta, broken links, fresh and unique content, 404 error page then come out off-page. There are a lot of off-page activity but i want to say only consider in building high quality backlinks and most important thing is that do anchor text variation and white hat seo. Believe in google and wait for ranking. don't go for black hat seo yet.
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    Use white hat Techniques to rank higher in search engine. be active on social media, create unique contents, do make profiles on different networks, do some classified submission, directory submission, forum posting, blog comments but dont do spamming ....
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    Improve your Google Ranking

    Getting to the top of Google in a competitive market is not an easy challenge.

    The majority of search engine traffic goes to the top 10 listings on Google's search pages. Everyone wants to be in this group. However, Google only rewards that important distinction to ten entries for every search.

    1. How Search Engines Work

    The job of a search engine is to gather data that has been published on the Internet. When a search engine like Google wants to gather data, it sends out little programs called 'bots'. The bots crawl the web, from link to link, crawling through each document they discover and then putting the documents into their giant index.
    As search engines gather data from the web, they send out bots to spider the web link to link crawling through all documents and then placing these results in their huge index.

    2. Start a Niche

    Working with a niche has many business advantages. In a niche-based market, competition is considerably reduced, and you get much better search engine visibility as well.

    3. Use In Demand Keywords

    Whatever you use, your goal here is to discover how the public is searching for the kinds of goods and services you offer.

    4. Quality Website Content

    Website content includes text, images, videos, forms, tools, applications, products and anything else that your website needs to contain to make business happen for you and your users. Keep it organized and focused.

    5. Backlinks Give Direction

    Google's bots crawl the web from link to link, and that link is pointing to a page on your website. Links are the path that lead Google's bots from website.

    6. Add Social Media

    Blogging increases website recognition and therefore rankings as well. SM has rapidly evolved over the past few years to include interactive platforms like Twitter and Facebook and social voting sites like Digg, Reddit and Stumbleupon.
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    You must focus on your on-page and off-page SEO. For On-page - create high quality content that are useful to the users and user friendly site (can be navigate easily and fast loadable). Valuable content offers demand making your website to be linkable. It’s also necessary to optimize your site. Acquire quality backlinks from diverse authority domains. Also, focusing on user experience will allow many people to easily like your site and they will link to it. This will drive traffic and engines will surely rank your site.
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    thank you all of you..
    I will use all advice from you
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    Originally Posted by jacksarloks View Post

    Learn the basics of SEO, I will suggest you use white hat to take away too much risk from getting banned/penalties, etc.

    There are many little techniques you have to learn about SEO, such as how to use keywords in anchor text, what link building methods are best, etc
    Unfortunately, going "white hat" in an extremely competitive niche is probably not going to get it done. (That, and there is no such thing as white hat, technically. Unless you are not manually building any links.)
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