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So, I recently contacted an SEO service company and had a 20 minute phone conversation with them. When they were laying out a strategy for my website, they also pointed out some specific problems that would prevent me from ranking at the first pages of google.

Since I don't have the kind of money they are asking me for, I thought that somebody from you might help me. What I am asking for is NOT free SEO service. What I am looking for is a superficial review of my site's SEO problems. I'm not expecting you to come out with a plan that contains every single problem and instructions on how to fix it. I'd just like to see which things I am doing wrong, so I can learn to do them right.

If anybody wants to help, write me a PM and I'll send you my website's URL.
Thanks in advance.
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    if you still need it I can help you out

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    I think we'd have to see your site's URL, or a similar site you're using the same approach on. The difficulty of the niche, competitors, and your passion to be the best in this area, I'd look for to see what you can do and where you can improve. It's just hard to give any sort of advice without knowing the circumstances.

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    If you are on a tight budget, I highly suggest to look in the warrior for hire section. The quality of service is the same or even better than those more "corporate" SEO companies.

    At the end of the day, the majority factor of your site ranking on Page 1 comes down to backlinks. Not those small details like fixing meta tags, optimizing titles, removing long title tags, etc.
    Who else needs a SEO Client Dashboard for their SEO services ?
    Let your clients monitor their SEO campaigns (Rankings, Backlinks and Work Done)
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