blackhat's have basically won against googles primitive algo's

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Blackhat techniques are now everywhere and they have basically won and google has lost.. the only real way google can stop spam is to manually reviewing stuff.. and they choose to ignore spam reports anyway...

So one of my websites was shut down by a absolute rubbish host called zymic... the mysql was shutdown no reason... no estimated time... I had backup the website half way through but half my articles where lost... its still down im hoping that the articles will be irretrievable one day... but iv moved to paid hosting since.. But google is so rubbish i suspect that scrapes have scraped all the sentences from my articles and because they where quite recent google will now view scraped content as the original NOT ONLY THAT but because there are simply hundreds of sentences extracted and posted as comments (i even caught one spammer posting sentences i had wrote on my blogspot) the content will be saturated....

That's just one example of how the genuine people suffering even if your website doesn't go down it seems that websites that are thin and rubbish can out rank you if basically they create hundreds of web 2.0s with spun scraped content that doesn't make sense then blast them with irrelevant backlinks the standard "that's really cool!" no keyword needed. These websites can last as long as possible its only when the manual reviewers find them that they are deindexed. but the manual reviewers are few and lazy unable to even look into spam reports.

The results on google are now for keywords that are very high in competition (ones with clickbank products associated with the keyword.. doesn't even have to be a name of a product but if there is a click bank product that is associated with the keyword...)

Basically spam isnt getting better its getting worse on google.
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    Hm, let me see:

    You got booted by your whatever hoster, you sucked to to do a mysql dump (which needs like 1-2 seconds) you did not any backup and you are not able to retrieve your articles from google cache.

    But you know scrapers will do that and its all google fault.

    And your sig is "Like a virus my websites are taking over google".

    I tried to think how you can make yourself more donkey like but really - thats
    really, really hard.
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    Let me see,

    You have about 100 websites where you use only blackhat automated methods and "like a virus" you make google index those.

    Then, because you hosted a website on a free hosting, you lost the content and you hate google because other websites are shown in the results containing your lost content ?
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    Originally Posted by legoog8 View Post

    shut up! thats not the point.. my signature is about my other blogs no this one
    And that adds which sense to the fact you cried about blackhaters & google because your hosters/backup/blog problems?
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    Your missing the whole point if a blog becomes offline for what ever reason people are illegally ripping content and getting ranked whilst when the original website is put back up the content is then considered by google as duplicate content.

    Who said anything about me having 100 website which i use black hat methods on... this forum is full of stupid people.

    All my other websites are doing fine and my signature is just a term of speech.........
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    Ah, did not noticed i posted in a pro thread.
    I will try again if i am smart as you.
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      Blaming Google for black hat techniques is like blaming Microsoft for viruses.

      Why would you put good content on a free hosting service? Hosting is cheap enough these days anyway. $5-10 for at least 20 domains, unlimited bandwidth and storage. Hell, the last one I used phoned me up the next day from USA (I'm in Aus) just to see how I was going with the service and if I needed help.
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    Since your articles were copied from google cache, this means that google already indexed your content and won't give credit to another website if it was down for few days.
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    Well google makes money out of spam.. with recaptcha and so does wordpress make money out of akismet (wordpress can so easyily redesign the comment system on wordpress so there is practically no spam but choose not to other wise profits from akismet would fall)

    Im not blaming them. just saying google carnt combat blackhat! OBVIOUSLY!!!!!! DUH
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    Who are you?
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    Originally Posted by legoog8 View Post

    down im hoping that the articles will be irretrievable one day... but iv moved to paid hosting since.. But google is so rubbish i suspect that scrapes have scraped all the sentences from my articles
    First of all, I've created spun content that is more highly readable and valuable to the Web than your post ;-)

    Second of all, it sounds like you had to "move to paid hosting" so you were using a free web host to start off with and this website was obviously one very important to you.

    That right there is your problem. You used a free host and didn't have a backup of your site. If you did you would have just moved over to a quality web host and restored your blog/website in a few minutes.

    Your rankings would have returned too. Actually, on a quality host with better speed and web page loading times Google might have rewarded you with a higher ranking.
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