What is meant by adsense?

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What is meant by adsense? and how can I get that.
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    1. go to Googleadsense/
    2. go to Google Translate
    3. type Googleadsense/ to translate box.
    4. hit translate to India.
    5. Read it
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    Adsense is nothing else than ads displayed by google trough ot their network and blogs

    You can buy ads at Adwords (Google) depending on your Keyword and Google will display it on blogs, websites etc. and their own site.

    Adsense is the part where You can make money from the ads if you have a website or a blog. You need a account from Adsense then you can install Adsense ads on your blog, site,
    google it and you will find the exact explanation and the procedures to follow.
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    Adsense is the option given by Google to have revenue source for your website or blog that you have created. The process of getting Adsense is mentioned below:

    1) First of all you need to have website with well structured and unique content, the domain age should be atleast 6 months old with regular updates being done in the website.
    2) After six months you need to apply for the Google adsense account at : www.google.com/adsense/ and have wait for the approval from the Google Team.If it is approved you will get a confirmation mail at the registered email id.
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      AdSense is an ad portion application run by Google Inc. And Adsense is a way to monetize and earn money from your site by putting Google ads from their advertising network Adwords.
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