What are the best alternatives to Adwords?

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I'm trying to get a handle on the alternatives to Adwords other than Bing and Facebook. What are my major options for quality traffic that will convert?

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    You could skip the middle man (PPC) & buy traffic directly from relevant sites.
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    I never been work with PPC campaign before, but I think google networks (adword , adsense) will never be competed. I think google network still market leader. better than bing, media.net, yahoo, facebook, 7search, and other
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    Well of course there is Microsoft ad centre which combines Bing and Yahoo into one. Next for PPC there are a few choices such as Infolinks and Clicksor the thing I link about infolinks is often you can get your clicks from the front page of Google through the back door as a lot of the top sites will use the infolinks alternative to adsense.

    But asides from this you can always try getting some solo ads either from safe swaps or directory of Ezine. Soloads are great cause they are high converting and you can get them by the click. You will want some sort of tracking though. bitly atleast if nothing else.

    I hope that helps if so please press the thanks button it will help out my profile, thanks!
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    A good alternative to Adwords can be from the next high traffic competing sites like Bing/Yahoo, but never tried these. Also you can try third party ad networks like buysellads.
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    I only work with Adwords... According to me, there is NO reason to try another one, Adwords works pretty well!

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    I agree with @yukon that you should start buying traffic directly from relevant sites. One of the best available option for this is buying solo ads. Find out advertising opportunities in high traffic website which will send good number of traffic to your site.
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    You can find sites with BuySellAds.com they are good according to my experience...but always go with relevant and high traffic sites.

    Is your website Hacked? Try -> www.sitebeak.com
    Is Google Analytics installed Properly? Test -> www.GAtective.com
    Impersonal Google search? Check -> www.impersonal.me

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