Has TribePro worked for your SEO?

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I appreciate any insights:

Has TribePro worked for your SEO? How?
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    I would like to know too. I was thinking about using it also.
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      Anyone? Have you seen any change in your SERPs using TribePro?
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    If you want to give it a try you can go to Fiverr. There are a couple of providers there, some offer to share one link, some two (for $5). Shop around and see if it works for you.
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    101% useless.

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      Originally Posted by GodMode52 View Post

      101% useless.
      Care to elaborate more?
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    Any information that sheds light to this question much appreciated.
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      Here is the deal as I see it. I used Tribe Pro for a few months, and could not attribute any significant SEO benefits to it, so far as increasing ranking for any meaningful keyword. Nor did I see any serious traffic generated from the bookmarks it submits. It was "nice to have", but an expensive luxury.

      If you build up your followers and get on the paid plan where your content is pulled in through feeds and auto-submitted, you can get a few hundred or maybe a couple thousand bookmarks and other submissions for each piece of content without a whole lot of ongoing maintenance.

      That said, I don't believe the benefit is worth the cost. Between the Tribe Pro subscription and the Onlywire fees, you will spend at least $100 per month if you plan to get anywhere near 1000 mentions for each piece of content you submit.

      Bear in mind that most people set up Onlywire accounts just for the purpose of submitting with Tribepro. These accounts will become nothing more than automated spam buckets, getting sometime hundreds of bookmarks or submissions per day. This is very unnatural and I don't believe that Google gives these accounts and the links in them any significant weight.

      The links might help with indexing your content, but little more. When Tribe Pro first came out, I believe that mass bookmarking had more effect on ranking than it does now.

      Mass submission + unnatural activity = easy for Google to disregard and filter out.

      Just my opinion.
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    We tried tribe pro back in the day (pre penguin and pre panda update) and would have to agree with the 101% useless....

    When I say we tried it... Literally, we jumped in with both feet, whole heartedly for a few months and not only is the setup a complete pain in the neck, you definitely don't get the kinds of exposure that Google is looking for, at all. (like ethan mentioned above)

    We found it to be a great distraction from doing the things that will generate positive results, like content marketing and we've gotten much farther without TribePro than we did with.
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    Just as I thought! I ran a TribePro campaign on a blog post (share the same link via TribePro once a week to be shared more than 1000 times and each time shared from a different account with different followers/etc.) and it has been running for more than two weeks now and it affected the blog posts rankings negatively. I am going to continue for a few more weeks to make sure it is not just a Google Dance, but thanks for the feedback everyone. I think what you said is probably what I'll get.
    I've had positive outcomes with other types of regular bookmarkings (each time 200+ bookmarks mainly on Fiverr), so I expected to get good results using TribePro too, which didn't happen. I am trying to understand the reason for this failure in comparison to success of regular bookmarking.
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    I too have tried it and agree it's useless. I even had my Tumblr account shut down for posting through there. The costs are way to high for any benefits you may get.
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    I used it aswell but never noticed anything significant happening.
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