Is it common? 301 redirect after using ProfitsTheme affecting SERP. Advise Please

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Hey guys, I am using ProfitsTheme on one of my clients websites.
It was fine in the beginning (I remember it). But from last 4 weeks, the website
seems nowhere in SE. I checked the stats today with majesticSEO and it
shows that my website has 301 Permanent Redirect. When I type the address
of this website "" it opens the website as
"" (without prefix 'http://www.')

Is it the thing which is affecting SEO for my client website.
I am doing SEO from a long time, but never faced such problem.

Is it due to ProfitsTheme? How can I improve it.
I bet there's no unnatural backlinks penalty for this website.
Any help would be appreciated!

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    Wordpress theme normally use 301 redirection to non-www domain name. If you want to change it then you can make appropriate changes in your .htaccess file. visit here for more information related to 301 redirection 301 Redirect - How to create Redirects - htaccess redirect
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      The site started off ranking well because of googles freshness algo.

      The www. and non-www. 301 is normal for all WP sites.

      Start posting detailed niche content, with plenty of stylistic/editorial elements in the content. Like: images, videos, h2s, bolds, italics, bullets, lists, etc.

      Notice all the blog posts that have nice lists with images and other style elements rank strong all over the place now.


      "how to lose weight"

      "make money online"

      Notice all the serp titles that say "6 easy steps...." "...the 10 best ways etc..."

      Then you go look at those pages and see that they are written with detail, and have lots of stylistic elements, and that they are on a site/blog that is actively publishing.

      Once you are creating good detailed posts on the site regularly, then work on getting links and mentions/citations from very related sites and content.

      And thats it, your site will be back to ranking well in no time!
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    Thank you guys for your most valuable inputs.
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    You can sign up for Google Webmaster tools and set your preffered domain. That way if someone looks for and you set your preferred domain as it will automatically redirect because Google will know that they are one and the same.
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      Are you taking clients for money? For SEO? If so,

      I can't believe you think http:// is a prefix.

      My current firefox does not show the http:// .... I most
      assuredly would never think that somehow it's being dropped.

      And anyone should know about www, non www, and if it matters.

      That is, if they are taking money for SEO.

      How on earth can you POSSIBLY say you have been doing SEO
      for a long time?


      If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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