Check domain for Google penalty before buying?

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Hi all. I'm interested in buying a few domains. None of the domains are new and have a history. Before I buy the domains, is there a good way to run a background check on them?

Specifically, I want to ensure the domains have not been penalized by Google before and/or they do not have a Google penalty attached to them.

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    you can search the domains in Google to see the history

    Also if you check Google penalty tool in Google I think lot of tools you can see which you can use to check

    also check the pagerank of domains before you buy

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      Originally Posted by SandraElam View Post

      Also if you check Google penalty tool in Google I think lot of tools you can see which you can use to check
      Hi, what do you mean by "check Google penalty tool in Google"? The only penalty tool I know of from Google is Google Webmaster. However, I can only use Google Webmaster to check for penalties of domains I own, not the penalties of other domains.

      If you could be more specific about "check Google penalty tool in Google," that would be appreciated.
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    There's no way to check if a site has a penalty without calling up Matt Cutts and asking.

    However, if you look at their link profile you can usually see whether or not they've been a bad boy.

    My policy with dropped domains is to buy domains that didn't do any SEO. There are hundreds of sites with natural links that you can get pretty cheap.
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    You can check the domain in Google if the site was created on that domain previously.. and you can use backlink checker to check backlinks, mainly you need to check the anchor texts are natural or not..

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