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I was making decent money from adsense for past week ( ~$10-$15 per day)

then last 2 days, the earnings have dropped. But my traffic has not dropped. It is so frustating.
I am close to making my first $100, but if my earnings remain low, I wont hit the mark.

I have not changed my website design.. If traffic has not dropped ,why did adsense revenue go down :confused:

I did not make design changes of any kind
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    Maybe your visitors don't click your ads! You can't sure the percentage click of visitors is fixed

    My name is MinAd

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    Grab a copy of "The Ultimate Heatmap" by Michael Campbell. This will tell you how to optimize adsense for the highest CTR%.

    Ultimate Heat Map: How to Increase Your...Ultimate Heat Map: How to Increase Your...
    When I was heavily into Adsense, I would make sure I put a 250 x 250 block above the fold, but below the headline. I'd have my Title in Blue, URL line in grey and text in black and I was consistently getting CTR's above 20%, but this was a long time ago mind you.

    Instead of worrying about what happened, just become more proactive in testing different placements and colours ... Optimising the ads makes a HUGE difference in your CTR.

    Hope that helps.

    Wesley Atkins
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    What is about the CTR (click through rate)? EPC (earning per click)?
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    First of all,you should try and optimize your CTR by placing ads in different places on your website and analyzing the datas.

    Also,you can search for low paying advertisers and block them on adsense,this should boost your earnings pretty welll.
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    It's the end of the month - so some budgets ran out.
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    Same here... Starting Sunday my CPC and CPM has gone down. Traffic and clicks is almost the same but the CPC and CPM has gone down a lot. Hope this recovers soon!
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    Same on my site. Get loads of clicks, but next to no revenue since two days...
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    I've noticed similar trends in my unreserved program on BSA - which isn't adsense. Must be a user trend towards the end of a month.
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    From: "Inside AdSense Team" <>
    Sent: Thursday, May 2, 2013 9:30:00 PM
    Subject: [Inside AdSense] Increasing the accuracy of AdSense reporting

    We know many of our publishers use multiple Google products on a regular basis, and one of our top priorities is to ensure that each interaction across our products provides a seamless experience. To better align the way we report performance across all of our publisher products and ensure accuracy, we’re updating the way certain data is shown in AdSense accounts.

    As you may know, your earnings at the end of each month currently reflect the amount you've earned less any deductions for invalid activity. This is a step we’ve always taken to ensure advertisers are not charged for such activity. Until now, however, clicks and impressions associated with this activity still appeared in AdSense performance reports. Starting May 1st, we'll remove those associated clicks and impressions to address this discrepancy and provide you with the most accurate reporting.

    So what does this mean for your AdSense account? First and foremost, this change will not impact your earnings in any way. In most cases, removing the invalid activity from your reports means you can expect to see a slight decrease in clicks and impressions, causing a slight increase in CPC (cost-per-click) and RPM (revenue per thousand impressions). The clicks and impressions that we’ll no longer show in reports include activity like accidental clicks, so metrics like your CTR (clickthrough rate) will more accurately reflect your site's performance. You might also see a more noticeable difference in your AdSense reporting when compared with your own account statistics measured through other tools. Please note that this change won’t affect the way we screen for invalid activity.

    As a reminder, we encourage you to keep up to date on ways that you can monitor your website for such activity – we have a lot of resources in our Help Center covering this topic. Finally, note that reports for dates prior to May 1st will be unaffected.

    Posted by Matt Goodridge - AdSense Product Manager

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