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Every SEO expert recommends doing blog posting for off page SEO. They recommend writing blogs at high PR sites & linking them back to your posts.

My question is if I write bogs at (Google's blogging platform) & link each blog to one or two relevant posts of my an existing site, will it be a good off page SEO strategy.
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    It would be good if you can also work with those blogs. If you can build backlinks to them too (tier 2 backlinks). This way they will drive more link juice to your main website and this is the power of web2.0 websites!

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    Any more views.
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      Hey cbnet, Blogger can be a really good link, but as patco mentioned you can make it even better by pointing additional backlinks to your blogger blog (such as Squidoo,, social bookmarks, etc)...

      But if you're really looking for a big boost, try contacting other Blogs in your niche and offer to write guest posts for them....try to find their social media information and add them as a friend on Facebook or become a follower on Twitter. Start a dialogue BEFORE asking them for a guest post.

      Other than that guest blogging networks like My Blog Guest and ContentFacilitator can be good sources to secure guest posts, but the sites in these networks aren't gonna be very high quality. It can still help though.

      Besides guest blogging/posting, I really believe in submitting Press Releases (paid networks) to gain some decent authority links. If you want to submit unlimited press releases, a service like PRBuzz or Releasewire can offer good deals.

      All the best!

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    yes must be good. main concept is to create relevancy. Your one post should connect with you same niche post. Google give importance to only relevant content. Whether it is form your own website or outside website such as wiki.
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    Blog posting helps in SEO, what you can do is to use web 2.0 sites where you can create blogs, you can use them for link building purposes, you can get some traffics too so it is really going to help you.

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    You're going to have to use trial and error and find what works best for you. You're not going to find every linking strategy, right here on WF. Try using google too!

    what works best for the next man, might not work well for you.

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    No Doubt, Your Shared Strategy About Online Business Promotion Through Blogging Are Good, But To Get Good Results You Should Use Best Quality, Unique And Relevant Niche Content.
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    Agree its all about trial and errors that's why you have to monitor your analytic if your strategy is effective or not. I also agree that linking those blogs to relevant are good because your are increasing your back-links which can lead to pr juice. just remember not to site wide your link to one website.
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    Sure, blogging can be used as an off-page technique, but you can also use it to interact with your audience and niche influencers via comments, guest posts etc. So, not only your main site will get some backlinks, but you can build stronger online presence and drive additional traffic to the main site. Other than that, you may actually interlink your blog posts with each other. There are at least a couple advantages to that.

    If you interlink blog posts, this guarantees persistent exposure for older content. Plus, if you offer readers a few related articles on the topic, this may actually decrease bounce rate, and the latter is one of the factors influencing search engine rankings. Another advantage of internal linking is associated with passing some link juice from pages with higher PR (although internally distributed PR is far less influential than PR passed from external sources).
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    Yes, it can definitely be a good off-page strategy. Blog posting from high authority websites with good amount of PR can help your site gain authority and good rankings and the SERPs. Aside from blog posting, other effective linkbuilding techniques include acquiring contextual links from article directories (both dofollow and nofollow), press release, document sharing, video, HPBL, etc.
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    Expand your network. Look for other blogs that is in your niche or even closely similar and offer doing blog posts for them. This will benefit the two of you. Blogger is a great site for you and yes, include strong backlinks. Take advantage of your social networking accounts. However, do it in an appropriate manner. Don't over-advertise your blog, this turns readers off.
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    blogs serve as a great and effective tool for improving search engine rankings.
    The idea is simple and yet effective, as now days this is the best ways to increase your web traffic.
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    If you can write high quality and unique contents related to your niche, then quality article directories are the best option for positions in SERPs. Precaution is that submit one article to only one directory (no spinning) and after approval publish it to the other blogs, article sharing sites etc. (my experience)

    Using above method my most keywords are outranking websites having PR5 and age &7+ years. Mine PR is 2 and age is about 2 years. Good luck
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