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On a SEOMoz results page, there are bad anchor texts/bad sites pointing to a my website. To remove these bad backlinks, I need to upload a disavow file to Google, right? I tried to download the backlinks list from Google's Webmaster's Tool to start compiling the list of ones that I need to have disavowed, but those bad links aren't showing up.

Does anyone know the reason why? And how to get Google to disavow them?

Thanks in advance!
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    To me it seems there is no need to let Google know about your ‘bad’ links. As you haven’t received any notification in Google Webmaster Tools, by using the disavow tool you will only inform Google about some of your links coming from bad neighborhood.

    You’d probably better contact site owners in person and ask them about link removal. However, this is not always feasible and not always brings the desired result. So you can alternatively try some-third party tools, but Google disavow tool is generally a weapon of last resort.
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    Hey MHWSO,

    I would recommend that check your backlink profile in other tools like ahref and Open Site Explorer. Check if you are getting those bad links from these tools too. The same case happened with my website. I could not see the spam links through Webmaster tools but was reported through a tool. Later I discovered that those links got automatically removed and the tool which was reporting them was showing my old link profile.

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    I wouldn't disavow unless you see your site's SE traffic drop.

    It's normal to have a few spammy links in your profile. Those things happen.

    As long as they don't make up X% of your links then you're good.
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    You need to visit the sites and see if the links actually exist anymore. If WMT is not showing them, I would guess the links are no longer there. Unless these were created recently. WMT takes some time to update.

    You can also import the list into something like SpyGlass which will visit the sites and see if the links still exist.
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    Great information everyone! Thank you so much for all of your advice.
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