When should I add adsense to my blog?

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Hi Warriors,

I started a blog and have been blogging for about a month now. I am mainly blogging now for the practice and for fun. I have not been adverting my blog or anything so my traffic is still almost nonexistent.

I am curious what your guys opinion on when ad-sense should be added to a blog is?

I don't want to deter the few readers I might have by placing ads too early but I don't want to push away readers when I do start adding ad's later.

My content is getting much better with the practice now and I have started a few other blogs I am working on now.

Thanks for the advice!

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    How about yesterday? No reason to ever wait.


    If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    You can start it any time.. No need to wait.. It will not hurt your visitors. I mean adsense do not hurt the readers. Only locking content and pop-ups can hurt the visitors....
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    This might sound stupid but I added adsense to my site and setup google analytics but for some reason neither of them are showing any views even though Blogger shows like almost 50 since I added them.

    I know that there are differences between views on adsense and hits on blogger, but that difference seems large. Also, I am pretty confident that a number of those views are actual views because I get likes on my posts linking to my blog.

    Any ideas?
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    You can add if you have enough content and defined spaces for ads on your blog.
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