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Google is going to push Penguin 2.0 update to its algorithms and it is "comprehensive" in the words of Matt Cutts. Some other far reaching changes are also in the air at Google's end. Watch the full video of Matt Cutt on his blog:

What to expect in SEO in the coming months
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    Not sure how to send a thanks on here yet. But that was useful. I happen to work for a google competitor, that's pretty much the logical direction across the board apparently It'll be interesting to see what happens as they continue to roll things out.

    Blackhat stuff might work to a degree if it's ingenious. I guess it really depends on the type of site you're running. The more unique, developed, and authoritative the content the better when it comes to SEO. The algorithms have gotten pretty smart (although they don't always assume that you are
    That will probably never change. We can tell if there's a bunch of junk mixed in... might take a while but it shows up eventually. All and all... a lot of sites don't need to be ranked well to do well. Organic traffic works better for some types of sites than others. I know some people have a trillion websites just to make a few cents a day on each That's a lot of work... There are probably better sources of traffic for most sites, if you have something viral and trending it's a good place to be. Regardless of niche, laughter brings traffic. Just my observations from work without breaking the nda lol.
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    So what he said was
    - build catchy content on site(HQ articles)
    - which gets bookmarked and talked on blogs(social mentions, bookmarking, social votes)
    - people visit and revisit(lower bounce rate)
    - Possibility of fixing of damage caused by panda updates if site is generating nice content.
    - link seller and buyer both gets penalized if caught.
    Is their anything new that I missed?
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    I was there not even pay attention to these penguins, which is to be will be. Last flew some of my pages, the rest are kept for a long time.
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    well for sure this will be another devastating update for some webmasters. even you are doing a white hat there are still some instances that your site will be included with the update
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    Now SEO, not just depends on Off-Page Seo. It depends on lots and lots of factor.White hat seo, High quality content with high user value, Site's Design and user friendly structure are some key points he mentioned. Its a wait and watch game now, to see what they finally come up with.

    Check this out :- Google's Penguin Update Coming In Weeks: Update 4 Version 2.0
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