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How do people normally use snapnames to buy expiring domains? From what I gather you put your maximum bid and then snapnames will bid on the auction for you, am I on the right lines with that?

Also, as far as finding the decent domains is it just a case of downloading the auctions for that day and using something to analyse that whole list?

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    Hey Dan.... We use snap names on a fairly regular basis with great results.

    First, regarding how we find domains. Generally we start with a keyword phrase that has high search volume and search that phrase all together in SN's search bar. Then open the advanced settings and uncheck .net and .org and also uncheck the buy now box.

    Then it is all about manually looking through the results and cross reference the domain age (who is record) and the number of monthly searches for the phrase in the domain (Google's kw tool)

    Once we zero in on our target, we set a calendar alert for 20 min before the auction ends... Some people simply look for phrases that are already being bid on, so our goal is to post our bid 5 minutes before the auction ends, to fly under the radar as long as possible.

    Really nothing like getting a 12 year old domain with high search volume for $69!

    If you get in a bidding war, know that each bid adds time to the auction so there is less chance to swoop in at the last minute uncontested, because the other party will get more time to act.

    Best of luck and enjoy it... Just be careful, it is a bit addicting!
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