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Hello guys,
About 4 months ago, I have completely stopped worrying about Google and it's updates. I have found myself at a point that all my strategies and changes that I have made to get back in Google's graces, almost bankrupted my business.

So I started doing things the usual way, growing my business, getting links, not relying on Google anymore. And guess what? It's starting to pay off, I have allot of partner sites with which I exchange traffic; also seeing allot more traffic from bing and yahoo.

Now the questions:
I exchange traffic with my partners this way:

When the user clicks a link on my site, a new page (with the partner site) is opened besides the page of my own site - you know, target="_blank".

This happens for the first click only, cause I am not trying to annoy my guests very much.

1. Would it be wise to create a small java-script based info box alerting them:
"hey dude, you will get the chance to visit another great site, don't sweat, just close it if you don't like it and stay on mine"? - of course this will be a politically correct message.

2. Should I trigger this popup at the second click, on my site? This way I make sure the user properly see's what my site is about, before offering him an alternative?
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