time to be big boys and grow up OK?

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Yes. Penguin 2 .0 is here

If you are in Adsense.... you make $$$ from Google right? Then then don't complain if you loose earnings when Google (the company that pays u money.... ) decides to change the rules.

If you are in Affiliate marketing... adapt, get a list, use Facebook, rebuild, be smarter.

if you are an offliner ... train your customers, educate them, and contact people affected by Penguin 2 and make some serious money.

If you a "I start everything and never make any money" ... feel free to complain you will not make any money anyway today, tomorrow or after Penguin 3.

Penguin 3.0 will come and we will see the same drama, tears and forum spam.


Those who made a killing in April last year... are still making it today ...

Those who will make a killing NOW will make a killing in 1 year time... regardless of Google Penguin, Panda or whatever.

Adapt. Learn. Be Flexible. Stop complaining (PLEASE DON'T WASTE ENERGY) and instead of reading 10000 posts of people guessing , start building a business that can survive an update.

And whatever happens, remember:
Life outside the internet + ranking + clicks + traffic = is always more important.

have health? family? kids? freedom? Clean water? = then u are freaking lucky. enjoy life.
Don't nag.

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    Keyword in this game: Adapt.

    I guess generally people in any form of business has to adapt as well. Just that in IM, we have to adapt more.
    Who else needs a SEO Client Dashboard for their SEO services ?
    Let your clients monitor their SEO campaigns (Rankings, Backlinks and Work Done)
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      Originally Posted by seoace View Post

      Keyword in this game: Adapt.
      How many searches/month does this keyword get
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        Thanks for this post. Everytime Panda, pagerank or any other changes are made by Google rolls out, there are multiple threads of people panicking. Yes people, ADAPT. Technology never stays the same, its always moving forward. If you are doing the right thing there is no reason to worry. If you are not, once again ADAPT.
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    Originally Posted by rankinghero View Post

    Don't nag.

    You seem to say that with no sense of irony :rolleyes:

    1000's of IT jobs in the UK online now at Dice

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    Adapt or die.
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