Having Signature as back link from Forum is not good for SEO from Penguin 2.0

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I have account in Warrior forum and participate in the threads on regular basis and having my signature with exact match keywords will penalize by ranking, any thoughts on the same.
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    Your signature is way too optimized and may incur an unnatural links penalty. This was a Google violation before Penguin 2.0.
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      I guess, it is not a problem, but not sure... as per Google webmaster tool it says, "over optimized" - anyhow, I used to use it to have link profile variations...
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        one of my competitors backlink profile is filled with signature forum backlinks -- and his traffic according to SEMRUSH --- 25000 per month...
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    Easy enough to test.

    I put the non-existent competition keyword: "The Academy of IM Excellence" in the title of my home page. I also added it to sig file.

    The term ranks number one in Google. (At least for me using a proxy and personalized search)

    That would indicate that there's no real harm in the sig file here, wouldn't it?
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    Thanks for the response, I have removed my signature and just want how can I place the signature to get a back link that looks natural to Google, my keywords are related to bingo game(bingo, bingo online, online bingo).
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    You should link your competitors site 2-3 times and just knock him right to last place
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    It is not an issue for now. Forum SIgs do affect PR in a positive way, using keywords in your signatures to get backlinks and improve the ranking is allowed.
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    They are not going to harm your website, otherwise this would be the best way to outrank easy your competitors. Just be sure to use different keywords as anchor text in different forums (do NOT use the same everywhere!)

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