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by nb87
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My understanding is that having google authorship is very important for seo. Do you use authorship on your niche sites?
I just feel like...say you have 50 niche sites. People would be like wow this author is a scam just creating niche sites if your creating tons of sites and using your authorship? Or am I looking at this the wrong way?
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    I was just searching for this answer too.
    Mainly, I don't want my personal information attached to various niche sites that I've built (as they are just a side project and not my main business).

    I've thought of using the Publisher aspect, but then you also need to link it to an actual business, which is hard when its just a side business/project and not a full time business.

    Would love to hear other thoughts!
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      Exactly, niche sites aren't my main business and I don't want my niche sites associated with my business. And I don't want people to have access to my google plus page because say I rank for the keyword "tree removal" but then they see on my google plus that I'm a young female with no tree removal experience :p Like are people creating alter ego google plus pages for niche sites? or is that too scammy?
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        I'm bumping this month-old thread in hopes that some answers/insights will be put forward.

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    I don't use authorship & still rank pages.

    IMO, G authorship is a trophy in the webmasters mind becasue most repeat traffic will be direct type in traffic, so that leaves the author image for traffic that's never been to the site, let alone knows the author.

    Now If that SERP traffic is logged into a Google account that's a different story, odds are the SERPs will be skewed from personalized SERPs (browser history), so that logged in traffic will be familiar with the author image.
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