Just Bought a Domain, Now What?

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I just bought a domain, using hostgator as the host. I have already coded the website it is HTML. How do I start ranking it?
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    You should go to the seo section for direct answers.
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    I would start with the basics. First, make sure you've done your on-page SEO (titles, meta descriptions, etc.) and then inner-linking from page to page (links within text/pararaphs to other pages).

    Links still count--look at your competitor's links (those already ranking) to get an idea of the number of links you'll need. You'll also need traffic from social sites, as well.

    Start with longtail keywords (3 to 5 words), adding unique content to the site on a regular basis.

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    Let me tell you clearly one thing first, that you have bought a domain from HostGator then you must be using hosting of HostGator too....... means domain and hosting both from one provider which is not good IM rule......you should use domain from different provider so that you would have full control and there wouldn't be any trouble in future.

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    Fill it up with content containing keywords of your chosing for your niche. update it on regular basis and start building linkbacks.
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    First of all, prepare your plan on launching your website.

    1. Do keyword research on your niche (Suggestion : Use free Google external keyword tool - How to use it? Learn here - SEO Guide for Beginner

    2. Once you are ready with keywords, Organize your keywords and categorize them & decide on your site structure.

    3. Prepare content - do not do keyword stuffing, make sure it is unique - you may outsource it.

    4. Install wordpress (that is easy to use) for your site

    5. Get a theme for it (There are lots of free themes)

    6. Get the theme for on your desktop and open php,js, html files and see if there are any "http://" that links to other spammy/hack site or if there are 'base64' word is there - if such things are there, get out of that theme and go for another.

    7. Install all-in-one SEO, bulletproof security plugins

    8. Install any other plugins that you wish to have (follow # 6 above) on installing new plugins

    9. Post your content, make sure to give the SPAM free titles, meta description and etc.

    10. Create your official Google plus, FB Fan page, Twitter A/C, Pinterest and setup the things

    11. Verify your site via Google webmaster tools

    12. Now you are almost done, time for gathering links back to your site now and keep it moving.
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    Start up your computer and navigate to your website in your chosen browser.

    Open your window at exactly 6.49 am or just before the sun makes it appearance over the horizon.

    Hold your computer out of the window completely - or maybe half in and half out.

    Leave it there for 31 minutes.

    By the time you have your morning coffee, your site should be on page 1.

    Getting it to the top of page 1 is the tricky part I'm afraid.
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    If you just made a website the chances are very good that it's not ready to be promoted via SEO.

    Concentrate on traditional marketing to make sure your website has a good conversion rate first.
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