what is the reason people create multiple Adsense account

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Just wonder because I read a post and there is a guy said he will create 5 adsense account for his multiple website. I can see there are many reasons to do so. What I can only think is that it is not too risky that the account will be close down and affect all of the other website.

I am going to have multiple websites probably 50+. Not sure I should create multiple account like one account for 10 websites. Do google prohibit us to have many account at once and if yes, if we use other people name but still have the same bank account, google will found out any way isn't it?

Should I have 50 sites in one Adsense account? What is the pro and con to do so?

I am quite confuse now.

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    Have you created any websites yet? If not create 3 to test your system and use one adsense account and see how it goes.
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  • Adsense bans account easily when we dont comply with their regulations so probably when one fails another account can be used for the websites
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    Thanks for replying. I am waiting for the websites. Probably get at least two. And probably test it for some websites in one account first.
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