What is a good uk based web hosting company for good rankings?

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I'm looking for a web hosting company that will provide fast speeds for seo and is uk based can anyone help?
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    123-reg.co.uk or fasthostingdirect.co.uk are both 99.99% reliable

    there is always 1and1.co.uk but i think their servers are in germany!

    unless your going for a very local target audience your choice of host is practically irrelevant imo.
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      just about any decent host will give you good enough speed for good SEO. No amount of speed will give you rankings

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        I use Heart Internet's reseller package. Can host unlimited domains for around £45 a month which is higher than some other re-seller packages but it suits my needs. Ive also used Cheap Web Hosting - Ultimate Speed, Reliability, Web Builder & Backups as a cheaper alternative which is not as user friendly but is reliable.

        The Heart Internet control panel is great, one click installs for most of the major open source software.

        Hearts email support is usually answered within 1 hour of submitting a ticket. I have over 100 domains hosted with them for the last 5 years.

        Hope this helps.
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          If you are looking for UK based, I can suggest Webhost UK , I am myself using them for UK customer for last 3 year got 2 dedicated servers and 5 VPS with them , fabulous service and good uptime.

          I am had good found good review of Rshosting and Web Hosting UK on WHT. So you can also them, all are UK based.

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          List of Quality Top 5 Web hosting Providers | Just to help you when you need them :)

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    First: Find the hosting provider that offers fastest servers.
    Second: Ensure the hosting provider doesn't put your site on a server which also hosts "shitty" sites (don't know how the hell your able to check that though)...

    Find a danish plumber here: håndværker københavn

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    First: Figure out which hosting provider that's got the fastest servers (Googlebot loves speed)
    Second: Try to figure out if the hosting provider puts your site on a server that also hosts "shitty" sites (have no idea at all how to do that, but I know it's important)...

    Find a danish plumber here: håndværker københavn

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    No hosting provider is going to improve your SERPs. That's crazy talk.
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