Need review on Amazon site .. Please guide me

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Hi all buddies ... This is my first amazon targeted site... Please guide me if I am doing it correct ...

Garagedoor-expert DOT com

Thanks so much ...
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    You have a start, you need to provide more than a single product review.

    Also the usual Terms, Privacy, Disclosure are not apparent if they are there.


    ...Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just set there.
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    The writing is good, Id say you're doing well in terms of format etc... you may want to include a little bit of info gleaned from other reviewers, and a good call to action "Click here to get the best price on the product X and save xx% with free shipping" or something like that always seems to work well for me.
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    Reads like a fake review, to be honest.
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    That site needs lots of work. Aesthetics are non-existent and there are issues with punctuation/formatting. I'm not quite sure if you really own the product based on the writing either. If you don't really own the product you are reviewing, it does come across as a fake review if you aren't careful.

    I suggest approaching it from the perspective of a reporter, rather than an owner if you don't really own it. By "reporting on" the product and explaining what the features are, how they compare to other models, and discussing the niche/technology in general, you can provide good info that the product page on Amazon does not.

    This all assumes you are actually knowledgeable in the niche.
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    the site looks good, just wait for few more days before it index. don't rush your gold.
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    What ever you do, no fake review please.


    Fake reviews are everywhere, the following articles have documented the fakes on Amazon going on right now. Still there for your verification, unbelievably true.

    How to Spot Fake Reviews Manufactured by an Amazon Seller

    How to Spot a Fake Review on Amazon.Com: 8 Steps - wikiHow

    Now, we all know fake review products violated many state laws.....
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