Site moving up, been stale, scared to change anything.

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I made a website what seems about a year ago, it was my first site and my first try at making a niche.
I wrote all the content and made the site and it didn't go really well, generally people didn't like it and had trouble gaining momentum.

I haven't touched the site since about November and it has been on cruise control really and I left it at about a page 4 result 5 in Google.
Upon noticing a few more ad clicks I've looked into the site only to see it is and has been on page 1 about result 4 of Google.
I'm interested in working on the site again, but I'm scared that if I change anything it will hurt my a lot since it's got to this point on it's own.
Back-links are lackluster, only about 25 of them (none good)

I'm curious what any of you would do to improve the site and make it seem more inviting and worthy of rank 1!
Thanks for your time in reading this wall of text, and you can view my site here.

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    Yes, if you get backlinks now, there may be Google dance, but you should not stop at this point, you have to work on till you will get stable.

    Also, I had noticed your title is just your target keyword - You may add some branding to your site, it may be your website name (just domain name) and use it on titles on entire web pages of the site, and try to spread your brand over internet via social network profiles and etc...

    Of course, you have lot to fix on your on-page as well to make the site look like more professional one....
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      Hey that's awesome, you must have done something right :p

      Afraid to touch it though? That's the worst attitude. It's YOUR site. My suggestion is to take a look at your site and understand if you really deserve to be #1. Is your site better than the other results? If not, make sure it is.

      Do your best to understand exactly what the intent of the searcher is so that you can help them find what they want. That's why Google would want you to be #1 - because your site offers the information/answer/solution (or even link to the solution) that people are looking for when they search for that keyword.

      Also, now that your site is gaining momentum, stop focusing on keyword rankings! Seriously, 1 keyword has never been the answer.
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    Your site is ranking because of its uniqueness and content, formation of content etc... if there is not much competition, it would rank higher as well.

    But if you create more content like you have created on your site slowly, it won't hurt and it would improve ranking as well.

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    Do whatever you want to your site. It shouldn't hurt anything.
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    So basically I shouldn't need to worry about major things and I can just update it with relevant and useful information as time goes on?
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