Someone explain "no follow" please?

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I was reading up on SEO, and some of the guides told me to check for "no follow". Could someone explain to me what this is? Thanks
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    It's debatable, but a lot of us here believe that "nofollow" simply means to not give the linked site/page any PR juice, but crawlers will still visit those pages for indexing. So in other words, a page/site being linked as a "nofollow" means that it doesn't count as a back link.
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    I see, but how do we 'check' for no follow? Is there a way?
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    Check the source code of webpage using "Ctrl+U" and then check rel attribute on your link if it is no follow code will show you rel=' nofollow'.

    Also, you can install a toolbar extension for Firefox (and Mozilla), called SearchStatus, which has a very useful option - Highlight Nofollow Links!
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    FF has a handy plugin that highlights the links with nofollow attribute. Just install that plugin and that's all.
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    Page Source and just search for nofollow word. If something comes up then the site is a nofollow.
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    These are all good ideas, but I'd definitely go with using the FF plugin. You can turn it on and off any time you want.
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      Yeah if you google "Firefox SEO" it's the first result.

      Although even if the link is nofollow, I think it's still counted towards your backlink total, there's just no PR juice assigned to that link so it won't help your PR but it will be recognized as being on that particular site.

      Also, if you google "Link Diagnosis" you will get an excellent site that shows backlinks and attributes for them pertaining to your domain. It gathers it's info from Yahoo which is better for backlinks than Google anyway.
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