What are the most important factors in top 10 Competitor Analysis for a keyword..?

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Hi guys,

to my knowledge the most frequently analysed aspects when analysing the top 10 competition for a keyword in order to judge whether you can rank for a keyword are below (in no particular order

1. PR of domain
2. Page authority
3. Number of Backlinks to whole site
4. Number of Backlinks to specific page
5. EDU/ GOV links to domain
6. DMOZ listing
7. Title of page
8. Description of page
9. H1 tag of page
10. Anchor of backlinks to a specific page.
11. Authority/source/strength of the backlinks to specific page
12. Authority/source/strength of the backlinks to whole site

Id love for you guys to give me an insight into the most important factors from the above when assessing whether to go after a keyword....

Or if there is something ive missed and that needs adding to the above, let me know.
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