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My blog is a review site for an upcoming release and is only a few days old. When I did a search for my keywords I found my site on page one in 1st position. Then I built some back links and checked PR Checker to find out what my stats were and according to PR Checker my site has a N/A rating. What does this mean?
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    There are a number of possibilities. Many times your page(s) will rank high in the beginning then fall off the earth a few days/weeks later.

    If your keywords don't get a lot of searches, and the competition is weak, you could land in the #1 position without a lot of SEO work, backlinking, etc.

    Don't read too much into web rankings. I think trying to figure out what Google is doing/thinking is a losing game. If you ever do figure it out there is a great likelihood that Google will change everything tomorrow.

    Good luck,


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    since it's a new site your PR will be n/a. Google updates PR 3-4 times per year I think so until the next update your PR will stay n/a. Don't worry about that too much. As long as you are in position 1, that's all that matters

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    A Page Rank update was expected this month, but talk is that it is being delayed by the Penguin 2 update.

    There is some confusion concerning N/a sites. I have a website that is rated n/a. It is almost 3 years old, but has been plagued with technical problems. This includes downtimes of about 6 months last year.

    The funny thing is the pages still rank highly in search engine results. To me, that is more important than a high PR.
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    Sites that are brand new have PR of N/A. You will have to wait till the next PR update until you get a score from 0-10 (most likely 0)

    Your site could also be #1 cuz you have personal search on. Make sure you log out of Google or go icognito on your browser and search again for your keywords.
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    PR checker means nothing at this stage - if your site is new it probs won't have any PR. You might want to make sure that the results you're seeing in the SERPs are not due to personalised seach by using a proxy like hidemyass or some othe free online proxy. Either way, try not to worry about that. You could be getting a freshness boost, there's still a lot of that about. You could be the best thing since sliced bread for representing that product. Nobody really knows, without further info.

    Hold your head up and promote the thing as much as you can from as many different directions as you can find outside of these forums.
    I don't build in order to have clients. I have clients in order to build. - Ayn Rand
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    From my personal experience PR has nothing to do with Google SERPS! I have witnessed so many sites ranking for highly searched keywords with PR 0 . Better to concentrate on website conversion rather than PR!
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