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I read somewhere Google no longer favors Backlinks from article directories like hubpages or Ezine. My friend recommended something called "web 2.0" properties instead. I would appreciate any feedback.

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    I believed it still works, as long as you have unique articles to submit in each of the article submission site.
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    Article directories were never strong links. They have definitely been devauled even further the past few years.
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    Article directory links are weaker than a debate club full of Warrior Forum members...
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    Gone are the days of Article directories.
    Gone are the days of blog comment spamming.
    Gone are the days of forum sig spamming.

    Now is the day of Guest blogging.
    Now is the day of producing great quality content.


    Jus kidding :-P

    Forget about articles and use your time more on other productive activities, that would help you. :-)
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    Instead of writing free content why not create a product and sell it?

    You'll make more money selling than writing for free.
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    Article directory pages are the same as any pages. With no links to the article page, the link is barely worth anything. But use it in tiered link building and you can turn it into a decent backlink.
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    Wouldn't waste too much of your time. If you have a few favourite directories and high pr of course then you should definitely utilize them. I use maybe 2 to 4 directories but do not waste time in adding to any others - and only use the directories maximum 10 times per month.

    I don't waste time as in the past I have try and tested article directories but it just wasn't worth my time.
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    Local directories are still OK to use, but in general is guest posting the best way to go currently...
    And remember, don't use to many exact match anchor texts
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